Monday, February 23, 2009

New Look!

How do you like my new look? I decided after 4+ years of blogging (the first edition of the Midwest Princess began in Jan 05), it was time to move on from the polka dots. I'm not too technology savvy, but blogger makes it so easy! So here she is, post-makeover.

So lately I've been spending a lot of quality time with this guy:

Yes, that would be none other than the big man of Baroque music, J.S. Bach. I've been singing soprano I chorus in the B Minor Mass with MOB, and I have to say it's definitely the most difficult choral work I've ever sung. I'm already looking forward to the next time I get to sing it, because it's something that you can't really master the first time around. Last night was our first performance -- it was sold out and the crowd was on their feet as soon as the final note sounded. It's just that exciting, people. Tonight is our second and final concert, and I'm really looking forward to it. But I'm also looking forward to a nice break from choral singing after tonight!

In other news, yesterday marked 6 months until the wedding! I really cannot believe how fast the time is flying. I've just about got my florist nailed down, and we finished up registering for gifts last weekend. It seems every week I have a new wedding project to undertake. This week: invitations. On my way to the gym this morning I noticed that the paper store around the corner from our place had a lovely display of wedding invitations, so I'm planning to stop in this week and see what they have to offer.

So, life chugs along. I've had some good auditions lately (for gigs in town, hooray!) and have a promising offer for summer singing employment that I will find out more about soon. I'm beginning to be more content with my career and realizing that these things take time -- slow and steady wins the race, right?

Let me know how you like the new and improved Midwest Princess!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nick had to be away in Minnesota at a dental class this weekend, but he still managed to put a smile on my face today. He left a package that said: OPEN SATURDAY that contained the card and chocolates; then at about 4:00 I got a buzz at the door -- flower delivery for me! Beautiful red roses! I am a lucky gal.

We will celebrate for real next week with dinner at the restaurant where we had our second date, Avec.

Tonight I'm out to dinner with my gay boyfriend, Mark, then drinks with a bunch of gals! Should be a fun evening.

Hope you've all had a love-filled day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If today were a movie it would be called : False Spring (or, It May Be Global Warming But I Don't Give A Damn)

Call it what you may, and yes, I know it isn't here to stay, but today is GLORIOUS. I went out to do some walking errands this morning and just sat on a park bench and sipped my coffee, tilting my head toward the sun. Then I came home and threw open all the windows and let that glorious fresh air waft into the apartment (then I had a sneezing fit, but whatev). God must have looked down today and said, "You know, these people are having a rough time of it right now. Let's give them a sunshine-y, happy day".

Because it seems the news gets bleaker and bleaker every day; I find out about more and more friends and loved ones losing jobs, and I start to feel really down. But today, it seems like everything is possible.

So thanks to this glorious (could I please use that word once more? Thank you.) day, I feel like a new person. Last week, I started to turn things around as far as being bored and isolated in my apartment all day long. I realized that I get sucked into the vortex of the internet way too often and for way too long. I have to work really hard to limit my time in front of the computer each day. I'm much happier out in the world, connecting with other human beings.

I'm also very happy in my kitchen! My recent culinary endeavors have included: homemade chicken stock and roasted potato leek soup (both courtesy of Ina's new book, Back to Basics)

If you don't already own this book, I highly recommend getting it for your cookbook library. (The brownie pudding is also a little piece of heaven. I made it for a Super Bowl party).

Other excitement: We booked our trip to Mexico for March 9 - 14!!! Since we are no longer going to Greece, we decided a getaway was in order. In just one month, we will be relaxing on the sunny beaches of this island:

Now please excuse me, I have to go work out like a madwoman to get bikini ready!