Friday, August 31, 2007


I'm enjoying a quiet morning here at the apartment before we leave for vacation in a couple of hours. Nick went to work for a few hours, and I have been doing the last minute packing, cleaning, and errands. It's absolutely beautiful weather here in Chicago, the sort of weather that makes you feel amazing and alive and say kind things to strangers on the street. Yesterday, on my way to a lunch date with my cousin in Wicker Park, I drove with the windows down and my arm hanging out the window. Likewise, we opened the windows in the house yesterday, despite my fear of waking up unable to breathe and/or sing due to my intense ragweed allergy. Our decision to open up the house might have something to do with the $140 electric bill we received this week as well, but that's neither here nor there. The breeze blowing through the apartment feels wonderful, and I like hearing the noises of the street and the cricktets rather than the sound of the airconditioners churning. It's starting to feel like fall, and fall in Chicago is a wonderful thing. I can't wait for the leaves on our street to start changing -- it's my first time living on a truly residential street; in the past I've always lived on busier streets.

This week has been a good one; I had a great job interview on Wednesday. It felt so great to really talk about singing with this woman, to talk about my philosphy of singing and teaching. I guess this was really the first interview I've been on for my "real career", besides auditions, and the first time my knowledge of singing and pedagogy was verbally put to the test (outside of school, of course). I was really proud of myself, and even if I don't get the job, I'll be happy with how the interview went. Wednesday night, Nick and I celebrated by scalping tickets to the Cubs game and meeting up with my Dad, who was in town for business, for a beer before the game. Although the game sucked, we had a great time drinking beer, eating hot dogs and peanuts, and socializing.

Last night I had another rehearsal with Music of the Baroque, this time with the entire chorus. It was a lot of fun, although my voice was completely exhausted by the end of the three hours. I think I'm going to have to learn how to mark a little better if I'm going to be doing some chorus work (marking, for those not in the know, is a term we singers use for singing half-voice, or just backing off the intensity a little so as to save the voice. I also really like taking things down an octave when I'm first learning it, but most chorus directors do not appreciate this). After rehearsal, however, I had a rather nasty fall and I'm in a bit of pain today. Being new to the group, I wasn't sure where everyone parked their cars, so I had parked my car a bit away from everyone else. The rehearsal is in a rather shady neighborhood on the south side, so I was making haste to my car, even jogging a little, when all of a sudden my body hit the ground at full force. I tripped on a crack on the sidewalk and landed on my bad knee. My hands were scraped up pretty bad, too. Nick took care of me when I got home, cleaning my wounds and affixing bandages on them. He's so sweet. But my knee is absolutely killing me today, as it was already fairly tender from the dancing I was doing in the show this summer. I took some Tylonel and have been icing it and am hoping for the best--I was planning on doing some hiking this weekend in TC!

I hope you all have wonderful holiday weekends. I am so excited to get out of the city -- I haven't left in over two months, and I need some time away to regroup. With all the career changes going on in my life, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, so I'm looking forward to just relaxing and forgetting about things for a few days this weekend. Enjoy, everyone!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ok, I'm starting to get a little nervous--things are going a little TOO well here, kids. I've got another interview tomorrow at a performing arts school in Plainfield. I found the job posting from Career Services at Northwestern, applied last week, and the woman emailed me today to come in for an interview! It's a bit of a haul, forty miles outside Chicago, but if there's not much traffic I should be able to get there in an hour, which is about what it takes to get downtown. I'll just have to get some books on tape. And I'll always know exactly what's going on in the world, what with my radio constantly tuned to NPR. She wants me to sing for her, so tonight I've been trying to decide what to take. And getting my resumes in order, now that we have...drum roll, please...a printer/copier/fax! I haven't had a working printer in about 2.5 years, so this is an amazing addition to the home office. I printed resumes and directions tonight, and it felt so good not to be at Fed Ex/Kinkos!

I just re-read that first line and laughed at myself. It's just like me to belittle my success and think something awful is going to happen at any moment. Ah, the wonders of psychotherapy. I can now recognize these flaws in a heartbeat. And then they become less like flaws and more old version of me creeping out. Well, that old version is history because the successful me is here to stay! So I'm going to go do a bang-up job tomorrow, and then Nick and I are going to celebrate by going to the Cubs vs. Brewers game tomorrow night. We decided this evening to scalp some tickets for tomorrow's game, so I've been doing some craigslist bidding. Nick keeps telling me to wait until tomorrow and people will drop their prices. Good thing there's one patient person in this relationship. And one neat person, else our apartment would be a pigsty. I'll let you figure out which is which.

Monday, August 27, 2007


It's amazing what can happen when you start to take action. In the two business days since I quit temping (ok, was "let go"), I have accomplished so much, and lots of things are starting to fall into place. The music store in Palatine where I was subbing this summer is hiring me for a permanent position. I'm not sure yet how many hours they are going to give me, but the woman who is in charge said she'd start building up my student base and have me work as much as possible. It's a good time to start teaching, since the school year is just starting and kids are signing up for music lessons. The money at this place is really good, twice what I was making temping, and I get paid even if the students don't show up -- win, win, win situation. In addition to that, through some hefty networking, I found a job teaching private lessons at a high school in Waukegan one day a week. I'm going in next week to make a "presentation" to the choir classes about private lessons, and the teacher (whom I spoke with today, and is extremely nice) said there were four or five kids who definitely wanted lessons already. This career makeover is making me feel fabulous -- I'm sleeping better, more relaxed, cheerful, and confident than I've been in ages. It feels so light to be doing what I WANT, doing what I've been trained for so many years to do. It helps that I have the time now to go to the gym every day, do yoga a few times a week, practice, and get audition stuff together. The icing on the cake was the first rehearsal tonight for the concert gig I'm doing. It was a sectional, just the eight sopranos, and I was very impressed with the musicianship and amount of work we accomplished at the rehearsal -- nearly read through the entire oratorio!

So, the summer has almost come to an end. It was rather trying, most of it, but there were some good times. And I learned some important lessons about what sort of work I will and will not accept in the future -- performing and otherwise. I didn't reach any of my financial goals, but I'm still working on it and doing a pretty decent job. I did manage to obtain a fabulous new apartment in a fantastic neighborhood with my wonderful boyfriend, so that's a plus!

Here are some pics of the show to close out. The costumes were tremendously grand, as well as the wigs. I met some great people...and that's that!

me and Alicia, the amazing woman I understudied

Laura, my partner in crime--our witty background dialogue onstage kept me going most days

My long-lost (gay) brother, Adam

Our twenties wigs...

Emily the "Prater Girl"; ie: can-can dancing, booty flashing floozy

More later kids. I'm outtie.

Friday, August 24, 2007

news from the unemployed

That's right, I'm now unemployed. Can lawyers read minds? That or they found this blog, somehow...regardless, yesterday they informed me that they would no longer be needing me. The office manager assured me that it had nothing to do with my job performance, but that they were just concerned that I would get a better offer (performing) and leave them high and dry (not her exact words, but you get the gist). It's a blessing really. Although I was a little peeved that they broke up with me before I could break up with them, I feel very free and ready to take on the challenges of building my business: as professional singer and voice teacher. I made a to-do list a mile long yesterday, and today I am beginning to tackle it. I was joking the other day that it was my temping Schwanengesang (swan song).

I feel very refreshed and energetic today after a solid eight hour night's sleep. I'm blogging, emailing, drinking coffee and watching Oprah until it becomes an acceptable hour to start making calls, then working on my audition CD and application materials. Yoga at the gym at noon, followed by practicing, lunch, and a bit of house cleaning. My parents are coming in to see the show tonight, so the apartment must get the ritual "parental visit cleaning". God forbid they see the pile of crumbs under the coffee table --they'll know that Nick and I eat every meal in front of the television! I may treat myself to a pedicure -- my mom sent me a little "opening night gift" check last week and told me to treat myself to something. Lord knows I won't be able to afford pedicures for awhile.

It's going to be a busy weekend of three shows, but I think it will be enjoyable. And next week I start rehearsals for the Haydn concert with Music of the Baroque. I stopped by their office to get my score yesterday, and it got me so excited!!!! The chorus is pretty small, just eight per section, and I don't recognize a single name on the roster, so it will be fun to meet some new people and work with PROFESSIONALS! Weehoo! Next week at this time we will be on our way to Traverse City for vacay! Hooray!

Have a great weekend everyone. Do what makes you happy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In case you were wondering, the opening went really well. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures yet, but they are forthcoming. You can read the Sun-Times review here. Amazingly, there was no mention of the pink-clad one-liner bridesmaid named Gloria! (However, I am a part of the fanny flashing can-can mentioned in the article -- yes, you can see my bloomer clad bootie if you come see the show. If that ain't a way to sell tickets, I don't know what is!) Ah, well. We had a matinee today, and I am pretty exhausted, and since tomorrow I'm back to being a slave of the lawyers, I must end this post and get some beauty rest.

Hopefully after our closing performance on Sunday, I can return to some semblance of normal life. Cooking meals from scratch, gymming, practicing, and the start of fall television -- goody goody! I can't wait.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

a Saturday morning post

Ah, Saturday morning. I'm participating in my Saturday morning ritual: sleeping 'til eleven, watching the Food network, and drinking coffee while waiting for Nick to come home from work. He works half-days every other Saturday, which is annoying, but usually I sleep so late it's only an hour or two after I wake up that he comes home. I must admit though, I enjoy the alone time. I've always been one who treasures her alone time.

Tonight is the opening of the show. Yesterday was our final dress rehearsal/"Senior Preview" -- so basically a performance for about a thousand elderly people. I thought it went pretty splendidly, considering that Thursday night there were some messy costume and wig changes that resulted in people not getting onstage in time, which were remedied yesterday. The director(s) -- there seem to be about eighteen directors in this show; we get a "note" about every other second from someone or other -- immediately shot down my good feelings about the show during the hour long notes session afterward. I know they are trying to make the show better for us, but a compliment every once in awhile would be nice. We've all been busting our asses onstage for six weeks now, and I haven't heard the words "you're doing a good job" muttered once. It's pretty disheartening.

Other than that, yesterday was a lovely day. I slept until 9:00 am, went to the bank and gym, then headed to the theater for the rehearsal/performance. We were released at five, and then some of us proceeded to Chili's for $3 margaritas. I can't knock Chili's anymore -- getting tipsy for $6 is unheard of! I really do enjoy some of the people in the cast; they're a good bunch. I'll have some pics to post soon -- you've got to see my wigs, they are pretty freaking fabulous!

And lastly, I made a decision last week. After the understudy rehearsal on Tuesday, I became inspired. I NEED to be singing, it makes me feel happy and complete, and I am going to go full throttle this fall and make my career happen. I know that singing and teaching singing is what I was put on this earth to do. I'm going to quit temping. I'm going to try to make it work as a singer and voice teacher ONLY. I'm going to ask for help if I need it. But having a full time "day" job is getting me nowhere; in fact, I feel like I'm regressing every day I'm there. I'm not going to let this Masters degree go to waste. Cliche as it may sound -- WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY. I have my will back. I decided that I will temp until Labor Day, and then I'm going to force myself to get creative and make things happen. Nothing happens while I'm editing or filing documents in a law office. I will perhaps take the occasional week-long temp job in order to make a little money, but screw this full-time permanent position crap. It's over.

So here's what I say to you, readers: Make something happen. Do what you want. Be irresponsible if necessary. Because this is all we get, and it's too short to waste it in an office that you hate. Maybe you think I'm naive and stupid for saying so, but I'm willing to take this risk. I'm willing to give up some of the ridiculous material things that this country and its marketing schemes insist that I need. I'm ready to make things happen. WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MIA, nature

I'm sorry I've been MIA, everyone (Elaine). I know your life is hanging by a thread, as you anxiously refresh and hope for new words from this brilliant head of mine. The reason(s) I haven't written anything in a few days are good ones, though:

*I've now obtained the prestigious position of "legal assistant". I'm fairly sure that the guy who I'm taking over for pretty much kept the office running, so I'm a bit worried that my flip attitude toward temp jobs will not fly with this one. The perks of this job have greatly outweighed the (lack of) perks of my last job: better location (don't have to change trains and right next to Millenium Park!), fanTASTIC view, a few people to converse with that aren't middle-aged men, free diet coke, and a (very slight) sense of accomplishment when tasks are completed. The lawyer people, although a strange breed that I haven't quite figured out, are nice and actually seem to care that I exist. There probably won't be a lot of posting at work, but I'll try not to leave you hanging for more than a few days.

*I survived doomsday, better known as the understudy run-thru of the show. I'd been dreading this day for weeks. While our "understudying" was completely ignored for the entire rehearsal period, not even a single coaching given, today we were expected to do a run of the show. With only the other understudies, so minus all the chorus people and secondary characters, since there are only understudies for the leads. I was dreading it for two reasons: 1. I felt unprepared, since I refused to pay a coach out of the meager fee I'm being paid to do the role, and 2. the understudy for the male lead is about two heads shorter than me, and well, awkward. I've always disliked romantic situations with short men, whether on stage or in real life. It makes me feel like a giant beast, and I know it looks stupid to the audience. I'm sure there are plenty of women out there who are perfectly happy with men who are shorter than them, but I'm not one of them. Maybe it's some latent adolescent angst -- I was never very popular with the boys until I was seventeen or eighteen. Hence why I made a rule about five years ago that I would never date anyone under six feet. My last two boyfriends have been six foot three and six foot five. But I digress.
But you know was actually kind of fun. I was in good voice, and I sang the hell out the songs. It felt good to be up there, on stage, singing my ass off, playing the leading lady. I dropped lots and lots of lines, but I know where the problem areas are, and I feel like I could go on if absolutely necessary. I might even want to. Just a little bit. But tomorrow I go back to being Gloria, feisty cousin and bridesmaid of the leading lady. Always a bridesmaid...

I'll leave you with some pictures of our trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Saturday. It was rather hot, but we spent about two hours exploring the gardens. It really is a sight to behold.


fountain in the rose garden


i got a bit hot

aquatic garden

Ahhhhh nature.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

the homeless, other stuff

Sometimes, if I am in a really good mood, I buy food and/or beverages for homeless people. In Evanston, the homeless people are extremely friendly and "well-off" (Contradictory as it sounds, it's true. If I were a homeless person, I'd want to be in Evanston). The Northwestern students are always striking up conversations with them, giving them spare change, and buying them a Starbucks or a candy bar. They are smart by constantly hanging out in the same place, so that the kids get used to Rasta Man at Starbucks, Small Bald Man in front of CVS, and Crazy Yelling Man in front of Buffalo Joe's (he actually kind of scares me). I've heard rumors that some of them are not actually homeless, but that's neither here nor there.

The homeless people in the Loop, however, don't have it so good. Largely ignored by the indifferent and down-trodden office workers, they sit on the corners looking pretty beat-down and rarely do I see anyone offer them anything. Although yesterday I saw this one fat homeless man who is usually shoe-less wearing a pair of white Crocs. So maybe there are kinder people in the Loop than I realize. Today, as I walked into Dunkin Donuts to get an iced coffee and a bagel, I heard a raspy voice next to the door say, "spare a small coffee?". I'm wary of giving these people money(my mother always said "They will just go and buy booze with it, Emily!", but a small coffee is a different story. Certainly I can spare a dollar every now and again to allow this person a cup of joe. When I brought it to him, the look on his face was truly grateful, and I was glad that I did it. I wanted to whisper to him "Get yourself to Evanston, the promised land for homeless people", and give him the $2 for the El, but then decided against it. Who I am to tell this homeless man where to set up camp? Surely, being on the street, he knows better than I do where is best for him.

In Emily news, I am changing temp jobs, woohoo! I had a rather intense interview with a small law firm on Tuesday, and apparently they liked me, so I am starting there next week. It sounds like I will be much busier than I am here (thank GOD), and I won't be in complete isolation like I am here, with only WXRT to keep me company (fine company it is, but sometimes I just want to talk to someone). It is a long-term job, with the possibility of permanent employment, so we'll see how it goes. The office manager, whom I'll mostly be working with, seems really nice, as do the two attorneys. They told me that they don't like to hire "career admins", as in, people whose highest career goal is to be an administrative assitant. I took this to mean that they prefer to hire over-qualified, highly educated people such as myself and most other actors/performers who will take the job seriously enough but view it mostly as a vehicle through which to maintain a certain lifestyle while pursuing their real passion. So I will join the ranks of two of my favorite bloggers, Jason, and Dan, who work for lawyers in NYC.

Last night was our last rehearsal in the dingy, disgusting, unairconditioned YMCA childcare center cafeteria. Thank heavens. The heat had become rather unbearable this week, and I think the filthiness of the room was starting to get to everyone. It had certainly gotten to me (weeks ago). I cringed whenever I had to sit on a piece of furniture or touch really anything. I've disinfected any and all of my belongings that entered that room with Clorox wipes. Call me a germaphobe, but if you saw this room, you'd do the same. Luckily (or not so luckily, depending on how you look at it), tonight we move into Cahn Auditorium for a six hour re-spacing rehearsal. Directors always get a little skittish during these first rehearsals onstage. I think they are concerned that their "vision" of what the show should look like won't be realized, so they start to freak. So I'm expecting tonight to be rather...trying. Re-spacing rehearsals are extremely tedious, as you don't fully "act", or sing or dance any of the show, but rather just walk through everything to make sure you know where you go onstage. I was saying to someone yesterday that I wish I could send a body-double, a proxy, if you will, to stand around and be me, but I don't think anyone would be too happy about that (except me). So I guess I'll have to suffer through it.

Not sure what the plans are for the weekend -- it's a short weekend since I only have Friday evening and Saturday off, and Nick has to work Saturday morning. We're thinking about Ravinia or the Chicago Botanical Gardens if it's not too hot. And probably a good restaurant or two. And several drinks. Only three weeks 'til the Labor Day vacay. I'm counting 'em down.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i need back up, i need company, i need to be inspired

So little time for anything these days...what happened to lazy summer days of porch sitting and catching fire flies and going to the swimming pool? They have been replaced by rushing around, trying to keep up with bills and house cleaning and rehearsing and day jobs and working on my "real career" and the myriad adventures that adult life presents me with on a daily basis. I've never really been one who yearns for the past -- honestly, I'm usually delighted and surprised I made it this far! -- but lately I've been reminded of the carefree days of my childhood, and my heart aches for them. Perhaps it's these trips to the suburbs, be it for a voice lesson or a housewarming party, as was the case this weekend. The abundance of green, the smell of freshly mown grass, the cornfields (nevermind the urban sprawl or ridiculous SUVs), it all reminds me of being a kid. The responsibilities of adulthood have been rather overwhelming lately, particularly because I'm choosing a life that isn't down the beaten path of Corporate America and the amenities that come along with it. Every day I seem to hit some sort of road block, a slap in the face for not being like everyone else. But I take it all in stride, and I keep moving forward -- every day that I get slapped is another day that I meet someone who is doing what I do, who is making it work. And they inspire me.

After spending several hours at my friends Adam and Stasi's new house in Aurora, we drove around the suburbs a bit, stopped in downtown Geneva, and just sort of...wished. And hoped. Atleast I did, and I think Nick did, too. For me, moving to the suburbs and having a house will be sort of like re-living my childhood, albeit as one of the heads of household this time around. I will run and frolic in my yard with my dog, grow things in the garden (herbs! and tomatoes!), plant flowers and trees and rose bushes, sit on the porch, and do all the things I did when I was a kid. It will be glorious, and I can't wait. In the meantime, you can find me here in Chicago, battling the "man" at every turn, finding a way to make beautiful music that touches people while being paid what I'm worth. Paid enough so that some day I can frolic in the garden of the house I OWN.

So I can stick it to the "man."

Friday, August 03, 2007

i'm tired of thinking of blog titles -- untitled.

Many exciting things going on here at Midwest Princess. I will present them to you in a list, because I think it will appeal to the attention span of my Gen-Y readers who, like me, can barely read a paragraph let alone a book anymore due to wanting everything FAST FAST FAST. (In researching the last sentence, I found that Gen-X includes people born from 1961-1981, and Gen-Y includes people born after 1981. Which would mean I am a member of Gen-Y, while most of my friends are members of Gen-X. But there is much controversy surrounding the boundaries of these generations. And you thought this blog was all fluff).

1. I got confirmation on Wednesday about the gig I'd been holding out for. I am now on the roster for two concerts this season with Music of the Baroque! I'm doing Hadyn's The Seasons in September and St. Matthew Passion in Feburary/March. It's a chorus job, of course, but this company is phenomenal and it hasn't been unheard of for choristers to move into soloist positions with them. The pay is fantastic; the conductor, Jane Glover, is acclaimed world-wide; and I'm told that the musicianship and professionalism is phenomenal. Which is just what I need after my experience this summer. Also, it means that from January through April 2008, whatwith the Opera for the Young tour and this gig, I will probably be able to work ONLY as a singer for three or four months. Unheard of!

2. In case you were wondering, I didn't blog yesterday because I didn't come to work. It was glorious. After a scrumptious breakfast with my dad and brother at Ann Sather, I decided it was just too hot to go to work, so I called in. Obviously they did not care, since I mostly sit and read/write blogs all day. Was my afternoon of getting things done around the house, consolidating my loans, and napping worth the $50 or so I lost by not coming in? Yes, yes it was.

3. I'm not even going to talk about my loan payments. It frightens me in a way that I haven't felt since I was a child and went through a phase where I thought my parents would die every time they stepped out of the house. Someday I'll understand why I chose to get a Masters degree at one of the most expensive institutions in the country, but right now I'm just beating my head against the wall and cursing my idiotic decision making.

4. But the good news is I got my diploma in the mail and it's oh so lovely. It came in a beautiful purple box. And it made those seizures I've been having every time I think about loan payments dissolve completely. (Note sarcasm).

5. It was so nice to have my dad and brother stay with us. It made me feel like a real grown-up, putting them up for the night. Mom sent two tupperwares of cookies and several boxes of my things -- "now that you have a big apartment", she says, "you have to get all of your crap out of our house!" It wasn't a lot, just a few boxes of textbooks from college and some "memory items", one being a photo of me and my ex-boyfriend that happened to fall out onto the floor. Upon returning home from rehearsal, I found this picture face down on my desk. "What the hell?", I said to my brother. "Oh", he said, "that fell out when we were bringing things up the stairs. Oops." Awkward. I thought I threw all pictures away, but apparently not. It was quickly wadded and thrown in the garbage. There are some memories that don't need to go in the box.

6. It is Friday, but unfortunately I am not off the hook until late tonight, as I have rehearsal. The show opens in two weeks and people are starting to panic. I'm not one of them.

7. I started reading this book this week:

I will tell you how good it is: I was so involved with it this morning on the train, I forgot to transfer to the brown line and had to walk 6 extra blocks to work.

8. I am counting the days until this temp job is over (Aug 24). The boredom has become unbearable. That's the beauty of the temp jobs -- they end. City Staffing called yesterday about a possible new job that sounds ok. Considering the state of my finances, I will probably need to take it.

Well, I hope you got to the end of that without falling asleep. I nearly didn't. Monday--tales of our trip to the exurbs (Aurora) for a housewarming party. A real-life, "we own this house" housewarming party, not just an "I've got a great new apartment that I'm paying way too much money for but want an excuse to have people over and drink" type of housewarming. It's sure to make me feel inadequate, jealous, and the slew of other emotions I feel toward people who seemingly "have their shit together."


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

hump day

I'm here in the office for a pointless four hours of blogging and blog-reading before I go up to Evanston to teach lessons for the afternoon and get a hair cut and brow wax at Art + Science = Hair. Yes, that's really the name. I totally cannot afford it right now, but if I have to spend another day with these bloody bangs in my face or look at my hideous eyebrows one more time, I'm going to explode. A good hair cut and brow wax is worth it's weight in gold (that makes no sense, but I'm tired today and thus the cliches), and I've been feeling like a troll lately, so it's going to do me a lot of good. I've learned the hard way that a haircut is not something you scrimp on. There's a reason that cranky Russian woman who can barely speak English is cutting hair at Hair Cuttery--she sucks at it. Then it's off to rehearsal tonight, which is becoming much more fun now that we are just running portions of the show as a whole -- moving onto the stage next week is going to be a different story. Four words: Seven. Hour. Re-spacing. Rehearsal. I can't get over just how MANY gigantic chorus numbers are in this show. Off the top of my head, atleast ten. Torturous as the rehearsal process has been, it is going to be a highly entertaining show. Great singing, (mediocre) dancing, beautiful costumes and sets, a duel, a dramatic death scene, flappers and soldiers and "ladies of the night" and big ball gowns. The script is absolutely absurd, but it's fun and it's entertainment. My mother is going to love it -- I think deep in her heart she always wished I had pursued a career on Broadway or something. She comes to my operas and concerts and is a great supporter of my career, of course, but whenever she sees a Broadway musical (which she LOVES), she says to me. "You could do that, Emily!" Thankfully, I did not pursue that career, as I'd be up shit creek even more than I am now. I recently read an article about the extinction of the Broadway soprano, whatwith all the pop musicals so popular in recent times. And it's true -- there's a very small number of women with legit soprano voices singing on Broadway right now. Thank goodness I stuck with opera.

And now I must do a shamelss plug for my little sister's blog, Blah Blah Blog. My sister was a journalism major and is a fantastic (published!) writer, so expect great things. No pressure or anything, Elaine. :) And to end this post, I will continue the "image profile" she included on her post today.

Place You Grew Up:

Place You Live Now:

Your Name:

Your Grandmother's Name:

Favorite Food:

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Song:

Favorite Smell:

Pics of my hair cut tomorrow. Happy Hump Day!